Charcon Gains CE Mark Certification

23rd July 2013

Charcon construction solutions, including precast concrete wall panels, floors and stairs, will be CE marked as of this month in accordance with Construction Products Regulations (CPR).

The regulations make it mandatory for construction products manufactured to a Harmonized European Standard to bear the CE mark. The marking is a European standardised method of informing customers about key technical and physical properties of the products they are using, including any safety information.

It is also used to assure customers that CE marked products comply with all necessary performance standards - manufacturers must declare all necessary technical, physical and performance criteria in the same manner as prescribed by the CPR and Harmonized Standards. This information must be made available freely to the customer and to the public and be maintained and kept updated at all times by the manufacturer.

The CE marking and summary information will appear on the unique product label on Charcon stairs, hollowcore, ground beams and general precast items – while on T-beam and solid slab products, the mark will feature on delivery tickets.

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Precast concrete products - Stairs

Precast concrete products – Linear structural elements

Precast concrete products – Hollow core slabs

Beams for Beam-and-block floor systems