Thermal Floor System with Structural Board

Jablite Thermal Floor System with Structural Board is a structural insulation system for pre-stressed concrete beams and insulation panels that are cut to size off-site to guarantee a fast, easy and safe build.

Jablite thermal insualtion infil panels and structural board for use with Charcon' precast concrete T beam, beam and block flooring

Key Benefits

  • BBA Certified (14/5094 Product Sheet 4)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Achieves specifi ed U-Values
  • Outstanding Psi Values assist with Part L Compliance
  • Reduces depth of required excavation and spoil removal
  • Improves Health & Safety on site
  • Zero waste left on site


The Jablite Thermal Floor System is completed by the installation of 75mm (minimum) structural concrete topping*:

  • Concrete with macro-polymer fi bres: C25/30 with maximum 10 mm aggregate and 4 Kg/m3 Durus S400, 45 mm long and 0.9 mm in diameter.
  • Concrete with micro-polymer fi bres: C25/30 with maximum 10 mm aggregate and 0.91 Kg/m3 Fibrin X-T, 13 to 19 mm long and 22 mm in diameter.**
  • Concrete reinforced with steel mesh: C25/30 concrete with maximum 10 mm aggregate and A142 steel mesh, ribbed bar to BS 4483:2005.
  • The suspended thermal floor system consists of pre-stressed concrete beams positioned to meet the designed load requirement combined with Jablite infi ll insulation panels and Jablite structural boards.
  • Jablite supplies this BBA-certified (14/5094 Product Sheet 4) thermal floor system with beams and insulation supplied pre-cut to fit the beam and designed to meet the specified U-value requirements
* For further information please refer to the BBA certifi cate
** NHBC do not accept micro-polymer fi bre structural toppings.


Sustainability and Quality

Jablite insulation can be supplied in EPS (expanded polystyrene) or in HP (high performance) EPS to provide the required thermal or thickness performance.

Expanded Polystyrene is A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide to Specification.

Jablite EPS insulation is 100% recyclable and Jablite provides a site collection of clean material cut offs and these are recycled back into insulation boards.

Jablite manufactures to ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified standards.


CE Marking

Jablite Thermal Floor System with Structural Board is CE marked with DOP available on request.


Jablite thermal floor system with structural board

Jablite thermal flooring product range available from Charcon; half panel, full panel, start panel, end panel, make up and structural board

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Permitted Loadings

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U-values: Achieving Part L 2013

A key element of the Building Regulations relating to insulation is Approved Document L (Part L), which covers the conservation of fuel and power in existing and new build constructions. Part L stipulates minimum performance or backstop fabric element values and aligns the overall building performance and CO2 emissions targets with notional models.

The DER (Dwelling Emission Rate) must be lower than the TER (Target Emission Rate) when calculated in SAP. Fabric element values are the U-Values obtained by the specified construction types proposed for any particular build. Designers have flexibility under Part L but must ensure they keep below the TER therefore lower U-Values may be required. Jablite Thermal Floor System provides a simple means to achieving improvements on the overall DER allowing designers to meet and exceed Part L requirements.


Indicative u-values – based on 155mm beams

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Charcon beam and block Load span tables 12-2-15

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Jablite Thermal Floor System

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Charcon CS Flooring Guide

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General Flooring Brochure

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