Beamshield Plus

An ideal solution for insulated suspended ground floors

Beamshield Plus is a simple, cost saving system for creating suspended ground floors with excellent temperature control.

Produced using high strength expanded polystyrene (EPS), Beamshield Plus panels are specially designed to form an impenetrable layer of insulation between and below supporting T beams – minimising thermal bridging in these areas and creating a strong formwork on which to lay structural screed.

Beam & Beamshield Span Load Table

Beam and Block Span Load Table by Charcon Flooring Solutions
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Beamshield Plus is available in original white EPS and as Platinum Plus an EPS panel enhanced with a graphite component to further boost insulation values, achieving higher thermal performance levels for sustainable homes and improved Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) ratings.

With a thermal resistance up to five times greater than lightweight thermal blocks, Beamshield Plus panels eliminate the need for additional insulation, further reducing labour and material costs on site. The panels do not require any fixings as they are supported by T beams and foundation walls.

The system comprises four EPS components: Full insulation units suitable for 600mm beam centres, half insulation units for reduced beam centres (in the case of higher loadings or for ease of setting out), starter insulation units and extended toe units for multiple beam details. Two insulation unit sizes are available: T60 with a shallow flange, suitable for use with 150mm beams, and T80 with a deep flange, for use with 175mm beams.


Design variations can easily be made to cater for differing beam sizes and configurations or ventilation systems.

Durable and Sustainable

BRE Ecopoints rating of 0.043
CFC, HFC and HCFC free
Contain recycled content
Fully recyclable
Thermal insulation properties last the lifetime of a build
Resistant to moulds, fungi, insects and vermin
Non toxic and non irritant

Suspended Insulated Floor System


U-values as low as 0.10 W/m2K with Platinum Beamshield Plus
Excellent moisture resistance
Euroclass B classification for fire performance (when used in a suspended T Beam floor construction)


Charcon beam and block Load span tables 12-2-15

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Beamshield Datasheet

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Charcon CS Flooring Guide

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General Flooring Brochure

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