The lightweight suspended insulated flooring system

Comprising prestressed concrete beams infilled with extruded polystyrene (XPS) panels, TETRiS is an easy to install, energy efficient suspended flooring system.

Beams are available in various profiles and are manufactured using grade C60 concrete in standard lengths of 50mm increments.


Beam & Tetris Span Load Table

Beam and Block Span Load Table by Charcon Flooring Solutions
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Fully recyclable infill panels are used in place of standard building blocks, ensuring excellent thermal insulation. Once installed, the TETRiS insulation panels produce a floating floor that completely isolates the warm structural slab from the cold concrete beams, or any concrete floor blocks used.

Using the TETRiS method to install a finished structural floor before building starts also eliminates the need to introduce wet trades at a later stage.


Due to the lightweight nature of the product, panels can be easily cut on site to accommodate any lengths, spans, widths and services, and installation is quick and simple.

Additionally, heating systems can be fixed directly to the TETRiS panels prior to pouring the concrete finish.

Why Use TETRiS?

  • Easy onsite handling
  • Thermal edge strips prevent cold bridging
  • No need for follow on wet trades
  • EPS insulation value three times greater than the most efficient lightweight thermal block
  • 16 times more area coverage than a standard building block
  • Naturally fire resistant
  • Complete system easily achieves insulation values set by building regulations and the code for sustainable homes


About TETRiS

Faster floor construction (up to 16x fewer blocks to install)
Supplied to site in floor specific quantities
Reduces the number of beams required
Produces a floor with zero cold bridging
BRE Green Guide A+ rated system
3x more Code credits awarded
100% recyclable
Cost effective
Fixes floor height above the beams at 150mm
Easily incorporates underfloor heating system
Able to withstand foot traffic during construction process
Insulation integrity guaranteed
Accredited construction detail
2010 Part L solution
U-values as low as 0.10 W/m K


Additional Benefits

Excellent thermal performance
Very high compressive strength
CFC & HCFC free
Zero ODP
Very low water absorption
Closed cell structure
Zero capillary strength

Charcon beam and block Load span tables 12-2-15

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Beam and Tetris Datasheet

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Charcon CS Flooring Guide

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General Flooring Brochure

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