A fast and effective solution for upper floors

Charcon hollowcore flooring slabs range from 150mm to 250mm and achieve a 28 day strength of over 60N. Hollowcore design makes the product easier to transport and handle during construction, and requires less material to manufacture compared to solid concrete slabs thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Hollowcore provides an immediate solid floor surface and is able to accommodate service pipes and electrical wiring, as well as suspended ceilings.


Span Load Table

Charcon Holoow Core Span Load Table
The load span information shown above is a guide only, exact load spans need to be detailed and approved by a structural engineer.
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Units are available with various design features, including solid ends, open cores, raking cuts, holes and notches, and can be custom made to exact requirements.


Hollowcore units are manufactured to BS8110: Part 1.
Their low self weight and rapid construction offers the designer a flexible and economic answer to flooring situations.
The standard section is suitable for a ‘moderate’ exposure condition as defined in BS8110.
The pre-stressed floor units will provide a fire resistance of one hour; however, ratings in excess of this can be supplied if necessary and on request.
When structurally grouted, the effective shear key between adjacent Hollowcore planks ensures that the individual planks behave similarly to a monolithic slab.
Hollowcore planks, supported on masonry structures require a minimum bearing of 100mm, steel structures require a minimum bearing of 75mm in accordance with BS8110.
Flooring units are generally delivered on articulated vehicles, therefore appropriate site considerations must be made.
The Contractor must inspect the floor units at the time of delivery on Supply Only contracts and sign the delivery ticket, as no liability for damage can be accepted at a later date.
Ensure before lifting that the crane is sited on firm level ground and there is a sufficient clear working area for turning and slewing with no overhead obstructions.
A method statement is available on request.


Choke-hitched chains or slings should ideally be positioned no more than 300 mm in from the ends (600mm is the absolute maximum) otherwise specific permission must been received from the manufacturer.
Lifting chains or slings should be of sufficient length so that the included angle is not greater than 90o (45o from vertical).
Slabs may be provided with lifting anchors in, to assist the installation with the first and last slabs in the bay. Where they are provided, these lifting eyes are for final placement only and not to be used for lifting from the delivery vehicle. Lifters will be a Capston or Modform type and sizes as stated below:
S150, H150,S153 & H153: a 2.5 tonne x 110mm double headed Capstan Anchor should be used.
S250 & H250: a 5.0 tonne x 180mm single headed Capstan Anchor should be used.



Timber bearers must be lined vertically through the stack at a maximum 300mm from the end of the units.
In addition to the precautions to be observed when stacking, e.g. the position of bearers, care must be taken to ensure that the ground or surface on which the components are to be stacked is suitable.
The ground must be firm and level, and wherever possible stacking of components should be on firm hard-core or oversite concrete.
The height to which components can be safely stacked on site will be greatly influenced by the condition of the ground on which they bear.
Another prime consideration should be the height to which a man can reach to pass lifting chains or slings around the components. Similar length units should be stacked together.



The installation of Hollowcore does require a certain level of expertise and we strongly recommend that installation work is only undertaken by fully trained installation operatives.
The Precast Flooring Federation has published a Code of Practice for the Safe Erection of Flooring and the advice within this document should be strictly adhered to.
Hollowcore products are designed and manufactured to suit your particular contract, and each slab must be positioned exactly in the location shown on the layout drawings provided.
Please contact us for further information on Hollowcore installation.

Hollow Core Span Load Table

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General Flooring Brochure

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Charcon CS Flooring Guide

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CE Cerificate for Hollow core slabs

CE Precast concrete products - Hollow core slabs

FPC Certificate No.: 0086 - CPR - 600368

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