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Piling can be used for the formation of foundations in commercial and residential developments where large design loads or poor soil conditions require added support.

Charcon Construction Solutions offer all types of piling to meet your construction requirements - these include:

  1. Driven Piling
  • Precast
  • Steel
  1. Augered Piling
  • CFA
  • Displacement
  1. Restricted Access
  • Bottom Driven Cased
  • Sectional Flight Auger (SFA)

Precast driven piles are suitable for use in various soil types and are a good solution when dealing with soft or contaminated ground. These piles can be installed to required depths - usually top driven using hydraulic drop hammers - and can be extended using a suitable jointing system.

Steel driven piles have high load bearing capabilities and create a relatively small amount of soil displacement during installation. As with precast driven piles, these are installed to calculated depths and can be precoated and jointed as necessary.

Considered to be one of the quietest piling types to install, CFA piles are an ideal choice for environmentally sensitive areas.

This rapidly installed in-situ system involves bores being made into the ground using a specially designed auger flight boring rig. As the auger is extracted, a hollow stem contained within, simultaneously injects concrete into the bored void.

All piling types can be used in combination with Charcon’s FASTBEAM system for fast, efficient foundations.

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