A precast ground beam system removing the need for traditional formwork and wet concreting methods.

Charcon Construction Solutions' precast ground beam, Fastbeam, is a fast foundation system that can be supplied along with Charcon beam & block or hollowcore flooring allowing foundations and ground floor in one single procurement package.
Key Points

  1. Beam to beam connections reduce pile numbers compared to other systems  
  2. Compatible with any pile type
  3. No pile cap required
  4. Totally flexible layouts
  5. Stepped levels
  6. Drainage and service ducts
  7. Vastly improved program times
  8. Nationwide service

Project preperation

Fully designed and engineered solutions are produced by our qualified and  experienced in-house design team.
As each project is individually tailored the unique benefits of FASTBEAM™ are utilised to ensure the most cost effective solution.


  1. Casting in factory conditions to tight  tolerances
  2. Manufacturing facilities accredited to 
  3. ISO 9001, 14001and OHAS 18001.

Site Investigation
Surveys are required to establish the suitability of a site as well as to gather information needed for building design. Factors such as access, orientation and potential problems and obstacles need to be considered.


Installation process

assembly diagram of Charcon FASTBEAM - a precast fast foundation system

  1. Piling
    The piling operation commences and pile positions are carefully monitored. Their positions are relayed back to the design office to ensure ground beams are manufactured to accommodate installed positions.

  2. Cropping & Preparation
    Whether using driven or CFA piles, both are prepared using industry standard methods but neither require anything more elaborate than a simple projecting dowel bar, eliminating expensive pile caps and time consuming in-situ details.

  3. Beam Placement
    Each beam is uniquely marked for quick identification so that they can be rapidly offloaded and placed into position. Designed by our experienced engineers, each project is programmed to be installed in the most efficient sequence to ensure speedy assembly.

  4. Drainage and ducting
    FASTBEAM™ can eliminate substructure block work and accommodate drainage and service requirements via cast in ducts.

  5. Grouting
    Cast in grout tubes and joints are filled using high-strength non-shrink grout and the installation is complete.

  6. Stepped foundations
    FASTBEAM™ can easily accommodate variable levels within the one building by stepping the beams with precast pillars that give an accurate and structurally sound continuous foundation.

  7. Integrated Solutions
    Where flooring is being supplied as part of the package, it can be installed directly onto the ground beams. This eliminates the requirement for bricklaying which would break the sequence and continuity of Charcon's involvement on site. 


Features & benefits

  • Rapid beam installation with approximately five pairs of semi-detached houses completed a day
  • Non-weather dependent manufacture and instal
  • No wet trades
  • No post tensioning
  • Precast ground floors can be installed directly onto ground beams 
  • No sub structure walls required
  • Works with regular pile types

All of the above features are brought together to provide a cost effective and rapid service.

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FASTBEAM Foundations System

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Charcon Ground Solutions' innovative product FASTBEAM has proudly received recognition and accreditation for its fast foundation system from NHBC.