Integrated Solutions

Building made faster, smarter and stronger

Direct access to industry expertise and quality offsite manufactured components and precast products allow Charcon to ‘join up’ key construction elements from the planning stage.

This integrated approach aids project and budget management and can incorporate everything from site surveys and design, to the supply of contemporary concrete products for the construction of walls, floors, roofs, landings and stairs.



Construction projects across the UK and Ireland have already benefited from the unrivalled all in one service Charcon can provide.

Build Efficiency

Using Charcon’s services throughout the various phases of a project can save on time and budgets and result in a more efficient overall build program.

Integrated Process

Getting Charcon Construction Solutions on board at the very conception of a project can pave the way for a streamlined and efficient build.

Offsite Manufactured Components and Precast Products

Ready to install offsite manufactured components and precast products offer invaluable time and cost saving benefits to developers and building contractors.

Building with Charcon components enables easier design and planning, more accurate build budgets, reduces onsite labour and material costs and is not affected by poor weather conditions.


ICF is a simple application of straightforward but effective composite construction technologies. Specially developed insulating formwork is erected on site, and then remains in place after the concrete has been placed in it.

Quad-Lock ICF Retaining Walls

Charcon Integrated Solutions's Quad-Lock ICF is a fast, practical system perfect for the creation of retaining walls. The lightweight formwork can be factory reinforced according to the demands of the build before being  filled with concrete onsite.