Ground Solutions

Getting a project off the ground is easy with Charcon

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Getting the groundwork right is essential for the smooth progress of a build and from the very start Charcon’s easily integrated products will provide the basis of a successful development.

An expert team can carry out detailed site assessments, considering factors such as location, soil type and building design and use, to put together sustainable and hard wearing solutions that will last a lifetime.

Charcon offer three types of piling for a range of building requirements, all of which work perfectly with its precast Fastbeam foundation system. As with all Charcon products, piling materials and installation equipment can be delivered on site when needed.

Fastbeam foundations can also be used as a base to Charcon’s beam and block and hollowcore flooring systems making for a one stop solutions package.

Prefabricated products can also be designed and supplied for the construction of basements, adding extra space in residential, public and commercial buildings.