MODUROOF Residential Housing

The Complete Offsite Modular Roofing Solution

MODUROOF® by Charcon provides a fast, safe means of roof construction perfect for time sensitive developments such as residential schemes and social affordable housing.
The innovative roofing solution is manufactured offsite under controlled factory conditions, ensuring a level of accuracy and build quality unmatched by traditional in situ methods. This type of construction offers many benefits including timely delivery of a ready to install roof, minimal onsite waste and improved health and safety by reducing the need to work at height.
Key Benefits

  • Time and cost certainty
  • Potential to reclaim lost project time
  • Minimum working at height
  • Reduced footfall on ladders
  • Delivery on commitment
  • Reduced exposure to weather conditions
  • Reduced scaffolding requirements
  • Offsite manufacturing quality
  • Factory fitted windows & tiles
  • Suitable for dormers and PV panels
  • Quick and accurate installation using lifting beam system



Cold Roof System
The MODUROOF® Light system is based on a standard fink truss (W) shell construction with insulation between the floor joists and rafters. Cavity spaces can be incorporated for mechanical ventilation, water tanks and storage.

The lean manufacturing process includes fitting of tiles, fascia and gutters as standard. Solar or PV units and other bespoke items can all be fitted during manufacture as required.

The roof design for a set of typical three bed, semi-detached houses combines four modules with gables either attached or made as separate pieces. This provides an instantly secure, durable roof with storage capacity.

Warm Roof System
The MODUROOF® Advance system features attic trusses and offers a conversion ready ‘warm’ roof. With this option, additional room space can be created at a later stage, thereby future proofing a development.

Offsite construction undoubtedly improves build speeds – single modules can be fitted in approximately two hours using the  MODUROOF® patented lifting beam technology, and a complete roof of four modules in one day.  An additional day is required for join lines to be felted and tiled using the patented Zip Joint system, and interior edges sealed and skimmed.
Installation of a roofing module by crane
Illustrated section showing residential cold and warm internal roof structures and how both options can work for the same external design.

Time and Cost Certainty
As with all Charcon products, MODUROOF® is delivered just-in-time, helping project schedules to stay on track and minimising storage requirements onsite. In fact, using offsite methods can help make up lost time on program overruns and thereby avoid expensive counter charges.

MODUROOF® also reduces preliminary costs as its use results in less time onsite. Because modules are delivered ready to assemble, onsite storage costs and other ancillary overheads such as scaffolding and trades are significantly reduced or eliminated.
Time and Cost certainty
Health and Safety
The use of offsite components greatly reduces the risk of accidents onsite, particularly in the case of roofing and tiling. The Health and Safety Executive revealed that falls from height were the most common cause of fatalities in the workplace in 2011/2012, accounting for almost a quarter at 23%.

A prefabricated system such as MODUROOF® is built at ground level in a modern facility and positioned into place by crane, minimising the need for trades at height. It also eliminates risk of injury caused by repetitive lifting and handling or the use of heavy tools onsite.
Improved health and safety

Quality Assurance
All modules are factory engineered and undergo rigorous quality control checks. Clients can be assured of the high precision and consistency that comes as standard with offsite construction. Indoor manufacture also eliminates delays due to bad weather, a common problem on UK building sites.

MODUROOF® is produced using certified and sustainably sourced timber and reaches up to level four in the Code for Sustainable Homes as well as meeting all structural requirements as set out by Building Regulations.
Offsite manufacturing quality

Secure Transportation
MODUROOF® sections are designed for safe, escort free transportation by trailer to site. The finished modules are sealed up during delivery to protect the internal structure and finishes from the elements. Flexing is prevented through a patented removable bracing system.

Lift and Fix
Expert fitting is undertaken without damage or cracking to the structure's fixtures and finishes – such as skylights and tiles. Under the direction of a skilled installation team, a complete roof and waterproofed house can easily be achieved within two days.
Just-in-time delivery
Bespoke detailing and additional roof space
The MODUROOF® system is design flexible and bespoke details such as flooring systems, windows, chimneys, skylights and stair openings can be specified by the client as required. MODUROOF® is just one of a wide range of offsite manufactured construction systems available from Charcon and can be integrated with products such as Quad-Lock ICF, Granab acoustic flooring and precast stairs and landings.
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