Custom build homes

Putting Charcon's solutions at the heart of your home

Building a home is a huge undertaking, made easier by employing Charcon Construction Solutions from the start, helping simplify this most personal and challenging of projects.

In terms of a custom build, it helps to have expert advice on hand. Charcon Construction Solutions offer a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as time saving, accurate and energy efficient products to ensure your custom home is one to be proud of.


Charcon Integrated Solutions

Its Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) products, for example, provide a swift, safe method of constructing structural walls. A popular option for house builds in both Europe and the US for some time, ICF is becoming more and more popular as a construction material for self builders here. This highly insulated walling system consists of polystyrene panels or blocks which lock together to create a framework into which ready mixed concrete is poured.

The finished wall is solid, airtight and energy efficient with thermal mass properties capable of cutting future energy requirements by up to 40%. Charcon ICF panels and blocks are quick to install, reducing labour and construction times, and offer design flexibility – an important consideration for those looking to create their own, bespoke living space.

Offsite manufactured and precast products from foundations to floors and stairs can also benefit a time and cost conscious custom home builder. Charcon Construction Solutions products are manufactured offsite to be delivered when needed for immediate installation. This greatly reduces onsite material waste and labour requirements, helping keeps build schedules and budgets on track.

Factory prefabrication also eliminates the potential for bad weather to disrupt construction, which is certainly an advantage for Customer-builders used to a temperamental UK climate. It also guarantees a level of accuracy that a first time builder may not otherwise attain with in-situ methods.

Charcon’s innovative product range offers excellent energy efficiency as well as weather and fire resistance for the lifetime of a building. The very nature of concrete makes it an excellent thermal insulator that will contribute to long term savings on heating and cooling costs.

In terms of building in line with the government’s building regulations, precast concrete and ICF meets all standards. A sustainable, energy efficient home is valued not only to those living in it, but is a key selling point for potential house buyers in the future.


  • In-house design team to advise on materials to suit structural build budgets and requirements


  • Integrated packages available, from site investigation to foundations, right through to structural walls and flooring


  • Specifically manufactured systems delivered on time, resulting in more timely construction schedules


  • Installation that is not weather dependant


  • Reduced labour requirements and improved safety on-site


  • Great accuracy in budget managemnt