Solutions for a range of uses

Charcon Construction Solutions provides cross sector solutions to cater to the specific functional demands of residential, school, healthcare, office and commercial buildings.

Its innovative product range is matched by a breadth of experience in the housing, healthcare, education, industrial and commercial sectors. In house experts can design solutions to satisfy a variety of requirements and provide long lasting performance and value.

Buildings that function as living and work environments need to meet specific criteria, such as safety, accessibility, thermal and acoustic insulation among others. Charcon Construction Solutions’s offsite manufactured components and precast products meet these requirements, as well as being hard wearing, weather resistant and consistently energy efficient.

Charcon Construction Solutions can deliver bespoke, easy to install systems, with just-in-time delivery, reducing building schedules, onsite labour costs and associated waste.

Efficiency, functionality and providing best value are key elements in any construction project and Charcon Construction Solutions is committed to creating robust, long lasting facilities that are superior in both construction and usage.